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Over the last several years Commercial Port of Vladivostok has been actively involved in enhancing and upgrading its container facilities. Currently the port, being a leader in container handling, enjoys the success on the RFE container market.

The ships dropping anchors in the port connect Commercial Port of Vladivostok with ROK, China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, the USA.

Commercial Port of Vladivostok is the RFE major port that serves cabotage container traffic bound for Kamchatka, Magadan, Sakhalin, Chukot Peninsula.

Commercial Port of Vladivostok liner service offers regular connections to different destinations. To view liner shipping schedule, please click on Shipping Lines Schedule.

Containers are handled at the dedicated container terminal located at Berths 14-16, as well as at multipurpose Berths 3-4 and Berths 9-10.

Commercial Port of Vladivostok offers container block train service. Such service makes it possible to significantly reduce cargo delivery time to the destination stations and back.

Container block trains depart from Container Terminal to:

Container facilities in Commercial Port of Vladivostok are equipped with 620 plugs-in for refrigerated containers.

Customs clearance services in the port are provided by broker companies, including FESCO Broker Ltd.

Information on container handling is provided upon request.

To view loading/discharging rate, please click on Loading/Discharging Rate.