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Cars and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Commercial Port of Vladivostok dominates among other Russian Far East ports in handling import cars and heavy-duty vehicles. The port processes about 50 percent of vehicles moving through the RFE ports.

Top priority is given to the handling of new cars and heavy-duty vehicles distributed by Russian official dealers of automakers.

Cargo handling activity takes place at dedicated Car Terminal on Berths 3-4. The cargo handling capacity of Car Terminal amounts to 185,000 cars per annum.

Car Terminal features several vehicle storage areas, including

  • Ten-storey car parking facility (one-time storage capacity of 1,150 units) located on Berth 3-4, good rail accesses totaling 700 m, where car carrier wagons and flatcars are loaded.
  • Eight-storey car parking facility (one-time storage of 800 units).

Modern infrastructure and extensive hands-on of Commercial Port of Vladivostok at stevedore market for cars and heavy-duty vehicles handling create its competitive edges:

  • Well-developed business environment, including professional freight-forwarding, agency, customs companies, dealers and transport organizations;
  • Shipments of cars by rail and road destined to the RF regions.
  • Formation of block trains directly at Car Terminal area and its dispatch to the point of destination on daily basis;
  • Preferential tariff effective for transportation of import cars by rail to the Moscow Railway stations;
  • Compliant electronic recordkeeping system;
  • State-of-the-art multi-storey car parking facilities;
  • The handling of vessels with draught of up to 14 m.

Commercial Port of Vladivostok provides a wide range of services, including:

  • A complete set of multimodal services, including cargo handling, storage, customs clearance, delivery by rail and road;
  • Transit shipments destined to CIS countries;
  • One-time accumulation of up to 5,000 ceus both at open and covered storage areas;
  • Customs warehouse regime.

Import cars and heavy-duty vehicles are arrived to the port both on liner and tramp vessels.

To view liner shipping schedule, please click on Shipping Lines Schedule.

Information on cars & heavy-duty vehicles handling is provided on request.