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Sister Port Relations

Commercial Port of Vladivostok maintains and develops sister port relations with Tacoma (USA), Niigata и Toyama-Fushiki (Japan), Dalian (China), Kaohsiung (Taiwan).

Tacoma – Vladivostok

November 14, 1991: Representatives of Commercial Port of Vladivostok and Port of Tacoma signed Sister Port Agreement. Two years later a new service between Vladivostok and Tacoma was launched, Exchange Experience Program was started.

In 1994 children of port workers enjoyed their visit to the Port of Tacoma, and the Port of Vladivostok in its turn welcomed kids’ delegation from the USA.

Vladivostok-Tacoma Sister Port Relations laid the foundation for successful trade and economic cooperation between the Russian Far East and North-West coast of the USA.

Niigata – Vladivostok

The First Sister Port Agreement between the ports of Vladivostok and Niigata was concluded on July 17, 1992 and specified initiation of a passenger service between the cities, exchange of specialists for on-site training and other activities fostering sister port relations.

On July 24, 2000 ports’ representatives signed a new sister port agreement with the aim to launch a new regular container service, improve the existing passenger service, exchange data on key cargo flows.

Toyama-Fushiki – Vladivostok

Sister Port Agreement between the ports of Vladivostok and Niigata was signed in August, 1992.

Owing to the aforementioned Agreement port specialists visited the ports for on-site training and kids’ delegations were welcomed at both ports.

Dalian – Vladivostok

Commercial Port of Vladivostok strived for sister port relations with many ports of the world, but most of all with its neighbor – China.

The Port of Vladivostok and Dalian Port have been sister ports since 1993, developing warm friendly relations and strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation.

Kaohsiung – Vladivostok

On August 18, 2003 ports’ representatives signed a Sister Port Agreement to foster closer port ties in terms of attraction of new cargo flows and liners as well as to share experience on port management and marketing, offer opportunities for professional development.