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Environmental Protection

Environmentally responsible:

We adopt the best practice approaches to minimize the impacts of our operations on the environment.

In order to operate a prosperous business the Port's policy is to provide efficient and cost effective port services in an ecologically sustainable manner with a high standard of environmental performance. The key to achieving this is to ensure that the needs of the community, port employees and the values attached to natural resources are taken into account in corporate strategy and the way in which business is conducted.

Our goals:

To achieve this, Commercial Port of Vladivostok will

  • comply with all environmental statutory requirements and other applicable environmental obligations;
  • minimize the impacts of port operations on the environment;
  • encourage a port-wide culture of responsible environmental management and continual environmental improvement;
  • apply measures to prevent pollution of the environment;

Our commitment:

Commercial Port of Vladivostok undertakes the following obligations:

  • Adopt best-practice environmental management techniques where feasible and employ best available technology to avoid or reduce environmental impacts;
  • Minimize waste, harmful emissions, water and energy use to the extent practicable;
  • Give priority to environmentally friendly investment projects;
  • Mitigate negative impacts through state-of-the-art technologies;
  • Establish and pursue environmental objectives and targets that are designed to improve the environmental management performance of the Port;
  • Exercise continuous environmental monitoring;
  • Ensure environmental awareness and competence for Port of Vladivostok employees;
  • Expect our tenants and contractors to meet the same environmental standards that we impose on ourselves;
  • Maintain pro-active involvement in community affairs relating to the environmental performance of our operations to ensure sustainable development of the economic resources of local and regional communities;
  • Disclose information concerning port environmental policy.