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Brand-New Import Cars Handling on the Rise

In January - September 2010 Vladivostok Automobile Terminal (VAT) of Commercial Port of Vladivostok handled 3,766 units of brand-new import cars and experienced 9-fold increase compared with the same period of the previous year.

According to Dmitry Domrachev, Chief Commercial Officer of CPV, new import cars are mostly represented by well-known Korean and Japanese brands with major share of Suzuki: out of 1,365 units handled in September this year 970 were Suzuki cars. It is noteworthy that brand-new cars handled by CPV are destined not only for the Russian Far East but also for the dealers from the European part of Russia as well as CIS countries.
Moreover, the quality of services rendered by VAT conforms to the highest demands of major car producers and general forwarders of the well-known Korean and Japanese car brands. Therefore there are grounds for believing that this trend to further increase of brand-new import cars volumes has a long-term prospective.

Overall for the nine months 2010 CPV handled 33,974 import cars and heavy-duty vehicles, thus, the port of Vladivostok saw 4.5-fold throughput increase compared with the corresponding period of 2009.


Vladivostok Automobile Terminal (VAT) is the unique terminal in the Russian Far East that offers customer-made solutions on cars and vehicles handling. The terminal has two berths with the total length of 291 m, which are capable of accommodating ocean car carriers and Ro-Ro vessels with the carrying capacity of up to 2,000 units. VAT features two multi-storey vehicle storage facilities with the capacity of 1,700 units. Total one-time storage capacity at VAT amounts to 4,000 units. The terminal has 4 rail accesses totaling 700 m long where 3 block trains can be loaded with cars and vehicles by two-level ramp at a time.
VAT provides temporary storage warehouse, stevedore and logistics services. Automobile Terminal offers one-stop services to the customers - discharging cars and vehicles from the ship in the port to dispatching them by railway both to Russian regions and CIS countries.
Total handling capacity of VAT amounts to 10,000 units per month.

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