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Vehicle Import Predicted to Continue Upward Trend in 2011

In 2010 vehicle volumes handled at dedicated Automobile Terminal of Commercial Port of Vladivostok were increased twofold and totaled 75,784 units compared to the same period of 2009. Among these there were handled 67,586 units of cars, light and medium trucks, minibuses. The port handled a total of 7,228 units of new cars, which climbed twelvefold over the previous year.

"In 2011 the port is expected to handle 100,000 vehicles. New car import handling is slated to increase. The 0.65 coefficient introduced by Russian Federal Tariff Service for car transportation by rail to near-Moscow railway station Akulovo enables the delivery of cars via Commercial Port of Vladivostok more competitive against deepsea. This will have to positively affect the new car import flow through dedicated Vladivostok Automobile Terminal," said Commercial Port of Vladivostok CCO Dmitry Domrachev.

D. Domrachev remarked, "The Port of Vladivostok together with Apparel Group, the operator of Akulovo railway station specialized terminal and rolling-stock, have already arranged trial shipments of new cars to near-Moscow rail station Akulovo. Currently planned shipments are being formed".

It was noted that services furnished by Vladivostok Automobile Terminal comply with the requirements of major automakers and general forwarders of famous Japanese and South Korean car brands. We are confident that new car import flow will continue showing increasing trends. What's more, China continues strengthening its positions at automaker market. Today the port handles a significant share of vehicles produced in China.

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