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Cargo vehicle delivery
Vehicle delivery application processing within 1 hour.
Cargo transportation in the customs transit mode.
Vehicle cargo delivery
to (from) the terminal and port territory
Hazardous cargos
Delivery and securing of a vehicle carrying a hazardous cargo
Control services
Coordination and planning of vehicle cargo import (export) to (from) the territory of terminals and port
Weighing of large-capacity containers,
cargos, special equipment and vehicles using a platform automobile scales, including VGM certificate issuance
Full range of cargo delivery services
On the territory of Vladivostok and the Primorsky Region.
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We deliver any cargos
Consolidated cargos with the weight more than 800 kg
Transportation of small sized cargoes of different Customers in one direction using the same vehicle. You pay only for the cargo placement, not for the whole vehicle at once.
Special conditions cargo
Special conditions cargos require maintenance of the specified temperature and ventilation supply during the transportation process.
Oversized cargo
This service implies oversized cargo delivery (cargo that cannot be placed in a standard vehicle)
General cargo
Any cargos, packed (in boxes, bales, big bags, containers, etc.) and unpacked cargos (in bulk), which are transported in enlarged packages by any transport.
Vehicle trip cargo
A cargo that occupies the entire vehicle volume and is picked-up from a single consignor.
Bulk and dry-bulk cargo
They are transported without packaging, mostly in large batches, ensuring the full loading of rail-wagons, vessels and vehicles.
Consulting services
on any questions about vehicle delivery organization are free of charge
Daily cargo location Information
Fast documents preparation (contract, application, waybill, accounting documents).
24-hour service
Service call center 24/7. Electronic document workflow with digital signature use.
Personal manager for each Customer

Cargos transportation and handling are the process many people are involved in. It’s problematic for Customer to figure out the exact contact person.

We use "one-stop-shop" business principle for our work. Each Customer has a personal manager who controls the Customer’s services in the port:

Cargo handling stages

Rates financial quotes

Port services consulting

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Cargo vehicle delivery calculation
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