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General cargo handling
All types of cargo processing, including oil products
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Universal terminal
289 000 m2
Total area
51 500 m2
Warehouses area
3,2 km
Berths length
Berths length
Year capacity
Port capacities allow to process the large volumes of cargo in a short time.
480 000 tons
Oil products
General cargo
Ferrous metals
(Scrap metal, cast iron)
Other general cargos (Chemical cargo; Ore; Lumber products; Equipment, hardware)
Non-ferrous metals
General cargo handling
General cargos require special attention and careful handling of all the transportation stages
We took into consideration all the nuances for general cargo handling:
Cargo handling by direct option
The port infrastructure allows to handle a cargo on a direct option: from railway transport to vessel and vice versa. This contributes to safety and reduces handling time up to 2 times.
Volumes growth
In just one year, we have increased the volumes of general cargo handling by more than 2 times.

Processing Standards
up to 100 000 tons
Warehouse capacity allows to accumulate the consignment for further dispatch by sea.
Project cargos
We are ready for almost any handling task, including oversized and extra heavy cargos.
Gottwald twin-head cranes (100/63 tn) handle cargos up to 130 tons
Movable railways at the terminal allow to place cranes for oversized cargo handling. Cargo is directly transported from a vessel to the railway conveyor, where it is fixed and sent to the destination point.
Personal manager for each Customer

Cargos transportation and handling are the process many people are involved in. It’s problematic for Customer to figure out the exact contact person.

We use "one-stop-shop" business principle for our work. Each Customer has a personal manager who controls the Customer’s services in the port:

Cargo handling stages

Rates financial quotes

Port services consulting

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General cargos shipping calculation
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