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Documents Required
for Contract Conclusion

Documents Required for Contract Conclusion

To consider the possibility of Contract conclusion, the counterparty must provide the following documents:

Application-request on the company letterhead must contain:

  • — The name of the applicant or his authorized representative;
  • — Planned volume of port services;
  • — The date (period) of cargo receipt to the port for port services provision;
  • — Type of cargo with indication of physical and chemical features, weight, transport condition (container cargo, bundle cargo, etc.);
  • — Presence of cargo safety and conformity certificates, features and expected terms of cargo storage at the port, methods and terms of cargo delivery to the port and export from the port.

Documents must be provided with a notarized translation into Russian and legalized for use in the Russian Federation (notarization, apostille)


Extract from the Commercial Register of the company origin country and certificate on registration and tax accounting;


Confirmation of a person's authority to conclude a transaction (notarized power of attorney, order on appointment (election), statement of the registering authority, agency agreement, management agreement, etc.).


A counterparty card containing information (in DOC format):

  • — Company legal name - full and abbreviated,
  • — Legal and actual (postal) addresses,
  • — Executive body - full name of the company head,
  • — Bank details.
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