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Customs clearance within 4 hours
We provide a full range of customs clearance services
directly in the port 24/7
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Do you import
cargos to Russia?
All imported cargos must pass the compulsory procedure of customs clearance. Commercial Port of Vladivostok provides such a service for all import cargos.
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Declaration release within 4 hours
Due to the preliminary declaration, any Customer can receive the cargos within 4 hours after getting the discharge permission. Our staff perform the following actions:
in accordance
with customs commodity code
Control at all stages
of customs clearance
preparation and submission
Customs costs calculation
Declaration release
within 4 hours
Advantages of port
customs clearance
Declaration and release
The reliable scheme of preliminary declaration, cargo release at the time of vessel discharge
We remove workload from the Customer and do all the paperwork by ourselves
Full interaction with all storage and terminal services of the port
Freight forwarding
Providing a full range of cargo delivery services
Information system
Each Customer gets access to his / her private account to receive updated cargo information
Transit declaration execution
Transit declaration execution for foreign import cargos arriving to Commercial Port of Vladivostok and following transit through the territory of Russia to the internal customs authority or outside the Customs Union.
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Execution of cargo declaration
Organization of cargo customs clearance transported through Commercial Port of Vladivostok in any direction (import, export) under the contract of the customs representative.
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Organization of customs inspection
Organization of customs inspection, preliminary inspection, sampling and other forms of actual control at the territory of Commercial Port of Vladivostok.
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Legislation regulations consulting
Any consulting on the specifics of customs clearance at the sea border crossing point, the application of specific customs procedures, declaration, customs control and other regulations related to customs clearance.
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Any advice on the specifics of customs clearance at the sea border crossing point, the application of specific customs procedures.
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Personal manager for each Customer

Cargos transportation and handling are the process many people are involved in. It’s problematic for Customer to figure out the exact contact person.

We use "one-stop-shop" business principle for our work. Each Customer has a personal manager who controls the Customer’s services in the port:

Cargo handling stages

Rates financial quotes

Port services consulting

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